Save Two Birds with One Barge

I have a simple suggestion for dealing with all this excess snow.

First, let’s acknowledge this:  there is simply too much around.  On the ground, I mean.  It causes problems at busy intersections, and makes it impossible to find safe parking.  You’ll be driving along, and the lane you are in just disappears, because the plow had nowhere else to push the latest snowfall.  If we want to see this snow go away soon (as it probably won’t be melting for some time), we’ll need to remove it.

I don’t have the nitpicky, technical details worked out, but I suggest that dump trucks take as much snow as possible to barges on the Connecticut River.    Load the barges up, head out to the Atlantic, and send them north.  The snow would stay relatively intact during the voyage, since it would be traveling through cold climes.  When the barge gets as close to the north pole as it possibly can, it dumps the snow.  (Somehow.  Like I said, I don’t have the details worked out.  I’m just the idea person.)

Most sane people acknowledge global warming.  Supposedly, that’s what’s contributing to these frequent, heavy storms we’re having.  (I did hear the full explanation on CNN a little while ago….it wasn’t intuitive for someone that’s not a meteorologist, but it made sense.)  Wouldn’t dumping large quantities of snow back onto the polar ice caps cool down the world, just a smidge?  (At the very least, we might give the polar bears more standing room.)  Transport by barge would probably entail a relatively small carbon footprint.  During the southern hemisphere’s winter, we should do the same thing down there, only dump the snow on the south pole.  (It wouldn’t make sense to try to distribute the snow evenly between poles at any given time, much as we’d like to, since it would probably melt as it traveled through whatever hemisphere was not in its winter solstice.)

I believe we should try to kill (save?) two birds with one stone (snowball?) by re-packing the polar caps with snow and ice that’s “in our way” now.  It might slow down global warming, make our roads safer, and allow me to finally find a decent parking space.

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