No, We Shouldn’t

I’ll be honest with you: I don’t know that much about this whole Libyan situation, beyond a cursory understanding of the most general facts.  Nor do I plan to actively try to learn much more, because, frankly, I’m tired of trying to keep up with news stories about megalomaniacs who do not deserve anyone’s attention.  (On a related note, I noticed that Donald Trump’s comb-over is now going towards the front of the room, versus the side.)

However, my willful ignorance on the Libyan topic will not stop me from telling you that at the first sound of the possible conflagration, I conceived of a new policy President Obama should adopt.  Since he seems to (as of late) be paying tribute to the Reagans, he should take a page from Nancy’s book and adopt a “Just Say No” policy when it comes to new wars.

Either that, or we should start thinking about bundling.  You know, like, package # 1 could be “Air Raid Only”; package # 2 – “Air Raid/Nation Building”; and package # 3 – “Air Raid/Nation Building plus Colonic Cleansing” (with the difference between packages 2 and 3 being simply drinking a glass of the local water).

And now I think I’ve purged myself of all I’ve got to say on this topic.

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