A Very Jazzy Princess And Her Special Subject Otto Are In Kitty Heaven

I deeply mourn the recent passing of a regal cat named Jasmine.

She belonged to my dear friends Randy and Nancy, who are also (what I call) my Cat-in-Laws.  (I call them this because they adopted a shelter cat named Thomas with whom I have a special relationship, and, I often take care of their cats when they go away.)

It took a long time before Jazzy warmed up to me.  But when she did, she was a friend for life.  She had such wise and pretty eyes.  She was a Princess in the best sense of the word, and I picture her now in kitty heaven regally sitting on Elizabeth Taylor’s lap (obviously kitty heaven somehow overlaps with human heaven).

Rest in peace, Dear Jasmine.  We love you forever.


I also wish to mention another special kitty that Randy and Nancy lost last November…..the unforgettable and incomparable Otto.   Everyone is still getting over that loss.  Otto was not with my friends for very long – just over two years; he came to them apparently late in his life after suffering many health problems.  My friends saved his life, as he was basically hanging by a thread when they got him from someone who no longer could take care of him.  He was diabetic and had some problems moving around, but nothing stopped Otto from doing what he wanted!  He was quite a character, and looked like a miniature lion.  I even know someone who thought he was so cute and unusual that he wanted to put Otto in a baby stroller, and push him up and down the street in it.

Rest in peace, Dear Otto.  You were a Special Kitty, and we’ll always miss you.

Moving forward from here, I wish for good health and more tranquil times for my friends, and their remaining kitties Mia, Abbey, Penny, and Thomas.

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One Response to A Very Jazzy Princess And Her Special Subject Otto Are In Kitty Heaven

  1. Randy says:

    Thanks for the very nice tribute, Joanna. You chose some of my favorite pics.
    We’ll miss the ones we’ve lost and cherish the ones we still have.

    The “baby-stroller” man

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