You’re Never Too Old To Become A New Comic

I went to a New Talent show at Caroline’s on Broadway on Monday, April 4th, and saw a number of hilarious people, including a 73 year old guy named Mel Novit.  You can watch a performance of him here (this is not at Caroline’s):

Also dropping in were Michele Balan (of “Last Comic Standing” fame), who killed, and believe it or not, Darrell Hammond of SNL fame stopped by to do a set.

While we’re on the topic, I am planning to do a Monday new talent night myself at Caroline’s on June 6th (show starts at 7 pm).  I know I said I would not do this again, but yet, here I am.

It’s a “bringer” (as are many of the “new talent” nights at clubs in the city) in that I’ve got to round up at least 10 bodies to come in and pay a $5 cover each (cheap!) and two-drink minimum (which can be soft drinks).  I’ll be sure to send out further harassing notifications to remind you as the date nears.

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2 Responses to You’re Never Too Old To Become A New Comic

  1. Mel Novit says:

    Every month or so I google myself to make sure I’m still alive – and happened upon your mention of me. Was amongst some lofty company that night and enjoyed the room. I guess what I’d like to know – is who are you?


    • Mel: I am a person who was at the recent Caroline’s on Broadway Monday show where you performed, which I enjoyed enormously. I recently took the comedy course at Caroline’s with Linda Smith, and plan to do a Monday new talent night myself (on 6/6). I’ve not put a bio here on my blog, but you can see and hear more of me at my voice-over website:

      You also might enjoy listening to something embedded in the latest post in my blog, which is a sixty-year old recording of my multi-talented mom (who’s now a spry 81) singing and playing piano on the radio at Hunter College in 1951. The link is here, and the track is about 13 minutes long (just figured I’d warn you). But it’s music of your generation, and I thought you’d like it.

      [audio src="" /]

      Kindest regards,

      Joanna Rapoza

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