Sanitary Stand-Up and Other Random Ramblings

My mom is always mentioning “clean” comics to me.  She likes to promote stand-up comedians who don’t work “blue”; that is, they keep it fairly G-rated.  She recently gave me an article about Henry Cho (a clean comic, not pictured here).  This was apparently a hint that she’d like me to get rid of the one F word currently in my stand-up act.

Cho says he wants to provide entertainment for the whole family.  I, on the other hand, believe that many people want to get away from their families, and I gear my act for them.  (But it’s true; I actually do use the “F” word only once.)

Cho also likes the “uplifting, happy vibe that clean comedy creates in a room”.  I’ve noticed that you can also get that same effect with a crowd by selling beer.


Just a few random thoughts I’ve had lately:

  • Coughing is actually a pretty good core exercise.
  • The Queen of England’s patron designer is Garanimals.
  • I can’t decide what I’d worry about more when traveling in the Middle East:  getting blown up by terrorists, or inadvertently showing the soles of my feet to them.
  • Babies can’t truly appreciate their entourages while they have them.
  • (Quick reminder: if you can make it, but still have not made a res at Caroline’s on Broadway for the 6/6 7pm new talent show I’m doing, please call 212-757-4100 and mention my name for $5 cover.  No $$ is transacted on the phone; they just take the res.  I’ll be sending out more reminders, so prepare yourself.)
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