I Stand Up to Unrecognizable Melodic Topographies

That means I don’t like crap music.

But it has nothing to do with my shamelessly reminding you that I’m still in the line-up to do stand-up in next Monday’s (6/6) New Talent show at 7pm at Caroline’s on Broadway (50th & B’way) in NYC.  If you or someone you know will be in the area and is in the mood for inexpensive but exciting entertainment (you never know what famous comedians could “drop in”), call 212-757-4100 to make a res under my name.  Mention my name upon arrival and it’s $5 cover (plus two drink minimum).

I should mention that, I do, in fact, truly stand up to “unrecognizable melodic topographies”, a phrase that I just heard used on the radio.  I was listening to some prominent musicians/composers talk about great songs that stand the test of time, and they employed the phrase to describe Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You”, which apparently didn’t make the cut in their eyes.  Whether you agree with that or not, the phrase caught my ear as an interesting way of describing pop music that is unoriginal, repetitive, poorly constructed schlock.

Speaking of poorly constructed schlock; I’m looking for someone to write a short but catchy hip-hop-hooky refrain to match some lyrics I just wrote.  The song is called “I Am Part Of The Human Condition”.  You sing that line four times, then sing four lines of “And Donald Trump Can’t Claim That”.  Repeat as many times as the public will accept.

Hope the public knows it’s in for some rough topography.

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