Good Klean Fun

I was recently thrilled to learn of, and now be able to direct you to the newly established website belonging to my friend’s brother, called “kuddle kittens“:

S.R. Sheldon is the artiste, and Komfy and Kozy, pictured to the left, are the stars of the show.  (Kozy has the black markings.)  The kuddle kittens are featured in their very own comic strip, and the site indicates that there soon will be merchandise available for sale (t-shirts! drawings! books!) adorned with their images.  There is much else to be enjoyed at this website, such as the very entertaining musings of the artiste himself, not to mention the “kittytown cam” (shown below).

I highly recommend you check out this website for some good, klean, heart-warming fun.

Although this is the first time the World is seeing the kuddle kittens, I must admit I’ve had the privilege of seeing them “in the wild”, years before their web debut.  I was able to read (only around Christmas-time, mind you) a couple of the books that S.R. Sheldon custom-made for his sisters as gifts.  I was so impressed and entertained by these books, which featured the kuddle kittens, as well as other amazing characters in the most charmingly written and illustrated stories, that I thought they should be shared with the world.  And now, I have gotten my wish.  (I also hope the world eventually gets to see the story about the evil elf who created the Tyrannosaurus that almost ate Christmas.  That was a good one.)


All graphics in this blog post are courtesy of S.R. Sheldon!!  Thank you, S.R. Sheldon.




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One Response to Good Klean Fun

  1. nancy says:

    Yay for komfy & kozy! I love the kittytown cam too!

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