A Proven Solution For Your Mental Pollution

With a proven solution for your mental pollution” is a line from the title track of Todd Rundgren’s CD, “No World Order”, which came out around the time I met Dean (circa 1992).  We listened to that CD a lot then, and loved it.  I’ve been listening to it recently, and I still love it (as well as Todd’s other albums, of course).  So, I’m pretty psyched that we’re going to be seeing him next Sunday (6/26) at a sold out “Best of Todd”  show at Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT.  (link:  http://www.infinityhall.com/ )  I’ve never been to this place, but it looks like a great venue.

As I was poking around on the net recently, checking to see what Todd has been up to these days besides entertaining diehard fans, I found this:  http://www.toddstore.com/trsurvivalcamp/index.html , where you can read about “Todd Rundgren’s Musical Survival Camp“.  (The camp actually runs today, 6/20, through the 24th.   How coincidental.)  Todd does not appear to be a “counselor” at this camp, but the ones listed at the site look very interesting.


Another show I’m looking forward to catching is Nick DiPaolo doing stand-up at Caroline’s on Broadway (in NYC) on Thursday, 7/7 (tickets are still available: https://www.carolines.com/#/page/play-video/200/89/nick-dipaolo/ ).  I’ve never seen Mr. DP live (I just made up that nickname, and it really has some vulgar implications; sorry about that), but I’m sure he’ll be hysterical as well as controversial.


And…..speaking of Caroline’s, I recently viewed some vids made by their New Talent Videographer, Jonathan Jirak (JJ), and laughed out loud (sorry, I refuse to use the acronym for that; in fact, I’m so bent on NOT using the acronym that I’m typing all these extra words just to prove my point).  I was actually even able to show my (more knowledgeable than he should be) almost-twelve-year-old son the following two (PG-13-ish) vids, and he really enjoyed them as well (so, JJ, that means you’ve got cross-generation appeal!):

This one’s about how those pesky gunfights can get so confusing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWwVoHhcTBE

And, you can never go wrong with lactation humor: http://www.youtube.com/user/OddSqodd#p/u/2/br9DgecWu9A

To see all of JJ’s vids, check out his account on youtube, OddSqodd.  I haven’t yet had a chance to look at every single video, but there is at least one (called “Three Girls, One Video”) you will want to use extreme caution insofar as showing to youths…..it was funny, and even made Dean laugh out loud (no small order), but it made ME gag towards the end, due to some really funny, really gross shit.  (And I mean shit.)  So I did not show this particular video to my kid, although he’s probably seen worse on “Family Guy”.


Speaking of gag reflexes, yesterday, Dean and Cam were watching a DVR’d episode of “Man vs. Wild”, and they kept pausing the show at a point when the dude (named Bear) was eating deer excrement, presumably in order to survive.  (“Eat Shit And Live“?)  They wanted me to see this, so they could laugh at me as I ran from the room, trying to suppress my gag reflex, which they know will occur when I see something so disgusting.  And even more coincidentally (believe me, I enjoy scatalogical humor, but this is getting out of hand), Bill Maher related in last week’s Real Time opening monologue that Japanese scientists had found a way to make meat out of human excrement. (OMG!!)  (For some reason, I do not have a problem with that acronym.)  I LOVED Bill’s joke about realizing you ordered the wrong kind of burger at a Tokyo McDonald’s if they asked you, “do you want flies with that?”  I wish I had written that line!

I just took a quick peek on the net to get more info about the incredible story of Japanese pooh-meat, and found these two lines for which I also wish I could take credit:

“Waiter, there’s corn in my steak.”

“My dog already thought it was meat.”


And finally, I hope all the good fathers of the world had a nice F-day yesterday.

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