Ahtwork in the Gahden

Before I finally found the motivation to start doing some actual yard work the other day, I decided to take a picture of a painting I did a long time ago, in front of my favorite shrub (my one hydrangea).

For some reason, “Ahtwork in the Gahden” is the phrase that comes to mind.  (I am starting to hear certain phrases in my mind in a Boston accent.  That’s what living with a person with a Boston accent can do to you.  You are probably thinking, “What, are you retahded?”)

I kind of like this idea of photographing old artwork in the “garden”, so I will probably be posting a couple more spectacles like this.

BTW, I did finally get some yard work done.  I actually went full rambo on most of the shrubs, and carved them down to nubs.  It was great fun.  But I left the hydrangea alone….there was no way I was going to cut off those big, beautiful, blue blooms.

Finally, a bumper sticker idea inspired by all this:

“Yardwork, not Yoga!  Well, Maybe Yoga Too, If You Can Find Time.”

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2 Responses to Ahtwork in the Gahden

  1. laugh and the world laughs with you – isn’t that what they say? – and cry and you cry alone…….
    to someone who thinks, life is a comedy; to someone who feels, life is a tragedy…..isn’t that what they say too?
    I like both – an incisive mind and a passionate response.

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