Don’t Judge a DVD Cover By Its Autograph

Last Thursday evening (7/7) I caught Nick DiPaolo’s 8pm stand-up set at Caroline’s on Broadway in NYC.   I wanted an autograph, but the only signable thing I had on me was the DVD box set of Louis CK’s first sitcom series, “Lucky Louie”.

If you look closely in the pic below, you can see Nick D. tried to write “Louie Sucks” with a ball point pen that did not work.  When we got a hold of a black sharpie that did work, he decided to write something different.  (I find that oddly amusing.)

It was a good show, a fun time, and I appreciate the autograph.


Speaking of shows at Caroline’s, I may try to do another Monday New Talent night there, possibly in October.  I am also hoping to do another comedy workshop in NY in the fall, this time with Mary Dimino, whose one woman show, “Scared Skinny” has gotten rave reviews ( ).  That class would culminate with a graduation show at a different NY club in December or January.  Once definitive dates are set I’ll be sure to post here.


In lieu of a graceful closing, I’ll end this post with a picture I just found (I have been sorting through old artwork) that I have no recollection of ever drawing.  I can’t even guess if I tried to copy an image or just made it up from my imagination.  It’s kind of a cool pic, though, and I’ve just titled it “Girl With Hair Covering Her Eyes”, for obvious reasons.  She’s got a bit of a trout pout.  Enjoy.

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2 Responses to Don’t Judge a DVD Cover By Its Autograph

  1. Helga says:

    That’s a hilarious autograph! I Bet Louis CK would think it’s pretty funny too!
    P.S. Love your drawing

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