Ahtwork in the Gahden.2

I did the above painting (acrylic on thin wooden canvas) a long (LONG) time ago, expanding on the theme of a (basically throwaway) pen and ink drawing I had done a few weeks earlier (shown below).

Notice that there are no facial features on the women in the painting.  I just left their faces blank, thinking it would have an eerie effect, and it did, but the truth is I did not feel like trying to paint that level of detail.  Painting (with oils or acrylics) was never my “milieu”.  I was much more “drawn” to doing facial portraits, using just a good quality pencil, eraser and paper.  (I also would do the occasional pen and ink drawing, as well.)  To that end, I don’t think I’ve got any more paintings that I’ll be stumbling upon.  But I’ve got lots and lots of pencil drawings.

The below drawing (probably done around the same time) was a bit out of character for me (subject-wise), although it’s one of my personal favorites.  I tried to copy a black and white photograph of a woman in pajamas, standing in front of a balcony in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  The picture was in a 1960’s photo magazine that my father had.  I’ll bet the image of this woman in her jammies grinning into the camera in a terraced bedroom in New Orleans was probably considered a bit racy and intimate back then.  Ha.  If I can find the original photo, I’ll post it.  So far, I have not come across it.

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