In Memory of Cameron Protheroe

I did not know Cameron Protheroe.  Nor have I ever met any of his family members, who are close with good friends and neighbors of mine. I learned of his illness and ultimate passing on this very day, August 16th, two years ago.

This just makes me very sad.  I hope that Cameron’s family has been able to find some comfort and that this blog post (should they see it) does not upset them.  I only wish to honor his memory.

I’ve been going through old artwork and found a picture of a boy with a terminal illness that I drew when I was in high school.  It reminded me of the tragic loss the Protheroe family has suffered.

At the beginning of this blog post is the newspaper picture that I tried to copy.  At the close of the post is the picture I drew.

Rest in peace, Cameron Protheroe.

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