Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About…..

I mourn the  journalism ethics of Edward R. Murrow.  He is currently spinning in his grave as he wonders why no one is talking about the fact that two (2) News Corp whistleblowers are now dead, within the last two months.  We keep hearing about the hacking scandal, but nothing about the possible murders.  (Murdoch?  Murders?  Sound similar?  Maybe.)

(For that matter, I just learned during my “research” that there were several deaths of BP whistleblowers in the wake of the Gulf disaster (no pun intended) that have largely gone unreported in the MSM, as well.  Why isn’t anyone talking about that?)

Read more about TWO News Corp Whistleblowers Dead Now


Why isn’t anyone talking about how ashamed we Americans should be of the ridiculous, immature and unproductive way our politicians conduct themselves in Congress?  The RIGIDITY of the hard-core, filthy rich Republicans, in particular, like the Koch brothers (who are surreptitiously funding the “grass roots” Tea Party efforts), is what’s going to derail the gravy train they’ve all been riding for decades.

I joked recently to someone that it wouldn’t matter to the Chinese if our financial ratings were downgraded, just so long as “we did not lose our honor“.  But that’s bullshit.  They, and the very wealthy individuals and corporations in this country that refuse to pay their fair share of taxes will ultimately feel the fiscal hangover that surely is to come.

While we sit around in Congress arguing over whether or not we should cut this or spend on that, other fiscally sound countries like Germany and Singapore didn’t dither around.  Their governments spent money on social programs and new industry, and their economies are now doing well and reaping the benefits of their investment.  We look like idiots.

We should cut back on spending within the military/industrial complex realm.  Talk about entitlements.  Corporations like Haliburton have been hungrily hanging and sucking on the purse-strings over at the Pentagon for decades.  Social entitlements should be cut only in the sense that folks who are milking THAT system would be the only ones who should suffer.  But in the minds of many, the super-wealthy and corporations are the ones who’ve been getting entitlements for far too long.


Finally, why shouldn’t we check out something lighter to distract ourselves from the vast disarray of the world?  Bulldogs riding boogie boards are cute:

Watch a Bulldog Boogie Boarding! (and skateboarding, too)



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