Reveling In My New-Found Power

These are just a few comments I have regarding our recent experience losing power for six days after Irene passed through.

1.  It’s a strange phenomenon: have you noticed how kids always want to get out and play before a big storm is over, when it’s still dangerous outside?  But the next morning, when it’s beautiful and sunny, you can’t unglue them from the couch to go outside and pick up a few branches?

2.  “Power outage hair and makeup”:  I think we have a new fashion genre.  Your hair takes on that weird combination of frizzi-ness and matted-ness, and it’s easy to fall prey to the urge to over-indulge in the use of bright blue eyeshadow.

3.  “Really.”  My friend said this after looking over at her neighbor’s house during the power outage, where they were running a generator, and seeing he had his large chandelier on.  Really.

4.  For those of us without any water pressure when the power goes out, the “de facto flush” (a term I personally invented the other day) is a beautiful thing.  Don’t forget to fill a clean bathtub with tap water before expected (or unexpectedly LONG) power outages.

5.  With the power out and street lights not working, I found that people driving around my town were being OVERLY cautious and too polite.  It really got on my nerves.

This six day loss of electricity and water pressure (not to mention the four day loss of a land phone line) transported me to an alternative universe in my mind.  I complained about people being too polite.  I even used the word “terrific” the other day.

But on the sixth day, we came home after an evening out to find power at our house.  Let there be light!  And we saw that it was good.  (Damn good!)


Thought for the day:  I wonder if humorous physicists like to call laxatives “large particle accelerators”.

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