A Weekend of Emotional Upheaval, and Renewal.

Lots happened on October 1st, a Saturday.  We were one of three families assigned to “do the oneg” (food for after the Sabbath morning service) Saturday morning at our temple.  I find that I enjoy doing good deeds, when forced.

Once one has set up the oneg, one sort of has no choice but to dawdle into the service and stay (participate!) for the remainder.  I actually enjoyed that as well.  But again, forced.

It seems that I enjoy services no matter how I get there, but it’s almost always forced.  Is that what they mean by “May the Force Be With You”?  (‘“And Also With You”’?)

I say this to anyone who will listen, but I think our temple has a wonderful Rabbi.  Rabbi Craig (Marantz) is a Rock Star!  (Rock on, RC!)  He joined us several years ago at about the same time that our family was becoming involved with the temple.  In The Beginning, I actually told RC he was an “Awesome Dude”.  The words involuntarily came out of me after an inspiring service he ran shortly after he came to our synagogue.  By the way, I’m older than the Rabbi.  That’s weird.

My son Cam is going to be Bar Mitzvahed in about a year, and his whole religious school class is deep into their preparations.  As such, during yesterday’s service, the Rabbi called everyone (adults included) onto the bema (platform where the podium is) to stand nearby as he read from the Torah.  Maybe I’m getting (more) sentimental, but it was just a very beautiful series of moments.

So, all that, along with the pleasant interactions surrounding food setup and cleanup in someplace other than my own house, was the positive, earlier part of the day on Saturday.  Then came the later part.

My son’s hockey team’s first league game of the season was scheduled for 5pm in Hamden.  Despite a promising start to the season over the two previous weekends, my son’s team did not play that well Saturday, and lost badly to Hamden.  During the game, my son was checked by a player from the other team, during a no-check game, and was on the ice in a daze.  Lots of people were yelling.  One of our team parents, along with my husband Dean (who is an assistant coach) were ejected from the rink for shouting at the refs.  The refs have the prerogative to eject anyone they feel is disruptive.  I didn’t exactly catch what they were shouting because I was staring at my son as he lay on the ice, willing him to get up.  (This is a very typical visualization technique employed by the average hockey parent.)  (BTW, he is OK now.)

Because I was not focused on the verbage flying through the air as Cam lay on the ice, I was not even initially aware that Dean had been ejected from the rink.  Since I have no direct knowledge of what was said, I have to rely on the opinions of others.  Between two of my best hockey friends, I hear:  “It’s good they kicked them [Dean and the other person] out.  They need to enforce the rules.”  (I agree!)  And:  “I can’t believe that f@%&ing ref!  What an a$$hole!!”  (I agree!)

To add to the drama of this most exciting of Saturdays, I decided that I would pull out of the Caroline’s On Broadway New Talent Oct. 3rd show that I was scheduled to do.  It’s a bringer show, and it was proving too difficult to coordinate getting enough people into New York City for this 7pm Monday night show.  For some reason, I was under the impression that there were no “new talent” or “open mic” nights for stand-up comedy in Connecticut.  When I’d ask people to come to NYC to see my set, they’d ask, “Why can’t you perform closer to home?”  At one point I said I’d look into it, but never did, until this past weekend.  Turns out there are a number of places that do open mic stand-up around the state.  I’ve decided to jump right in and try an open mic at Red’s Tavern in South Windsor tomorrow night (for more info, check this: https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=154421508675 …..7:30 pm Tuesday, 10/3….100 Bidwell St. in South Windsor, same complex as Nomads).

So, this past weekend was one of emotional upheaval (the hockey game, canceling a 10/3 NYC stand-up performance) as well as a day of renewal (the temple experience, a new direction in stand-up comedy).  And now that I’ve committed it to writing, I shall never forget it, until at least early next week.

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