Zoltan Is More Than Adequate

I feel terribly remiss that I am only telling you now about Zoltan the Adequate (Just Adequate!).  He is a tremendously funny magician from Canada who has been performing at the Hebron Renaissance Faire (The Faire) for the past several years.  The Faire will continue for the next two weekends, so if you can get out to see Zoltan, I highly recommend it.

Seriously, I would love to have this guy perform at my son’s Bar Mitzvah next year.  He’s in town at just the right time!

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2 Responses to Zoltan Is More Than Adequate

  1. zoltan says:

    Thanks for the plug – but! This is the final weekend! Don’t show up next weekend ’cause it’ll just be an empty field…

    • Oops! Terribly sorry about that – I thought I’d seen at one of the websites that you’d be there for TWO more weekends. Apparently, I was hallucinating again. And, even MORE remiss than I thought.

      Well, folks, you heard the man. Get out there this weekend and see him!

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