We Do Bacon Write

I heard a wonderful writer recently on NPR talking to Faith Middleton (I unfortunately can’t remember the writer’s name, but I think she also was a professor at Yale).  They were discussing an effort to get people in general to write stories from their own lives.  The writer said something very thought-provoking to me – she said she doesn’t fully know how she feels about something until she sits down and starts writing about it.  When I first heard her say that, I thought, “That’s weird, I think I know how I feel about something before I start writing; that’s usually the impetus to begin writing in the first place.”  But the more I thought about it, the more I saw this writer’s point.  Although I may start off with even a fairly fleshed-out idea, I inevitably come up with more unexpected stuff once I’ve started to PHYSICALLY write.  It’s amazing.  One need only trust in the source of all ideas, and it will flow.

If it does not, I suggest going to the Commerce Eatery in Glastonbury, Connecticut.  They’ve got a large metal tray that Jim Gaffigan would call “The Source Of All Bacon”.   It sits right behind the cash register, with a rainbow extending up from the unimaginably huge and perfectly cooked pile of pig parts.  I wonder if people ever ask for change back from their breakfast check in the form of bacon strips.

Gazing upon the Source of All Bacon will at least brighten your day.  And maybe give you some writing ideas.

By the way, this little essay was a perfect example of coming up with ideas as you write.  At the beginning, I had no idea I’d end up visualizing that bacon tray in the Commerce Eatery.

Actually, I think they should build a shrine around that thing.  Maybe America could come up with a new religion, or even a new political party based on….Bacon.

That’s the one thing everyone seems to be able to agree upon these days.

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