Review of the One (Hundred Pound Lighter) Woman Show: SCARED SKINNY, Written & Performed by MARY DIMINO

I was thrilled to attend a recent performance of Mary Dimino’s award-winning one-woman show, “Scared Skinny”, at the historic Theater 80 St. Mark’s, in Manhattan, this past Saturday (November 19th).

Mary had just started performing when I sat down in the darkened theater, and I immediately felt something reach out and grab me.

It was Mary Dimino, grabbing my heart.  She has a compelling countenance and a tempting tone that immediately mesmerizes the viewer.  Not to mention….the substance of what she’s saying!  The high caloric content!  The heart, humor and authenticity of her lifetime stories are the most unimaginably satisfying comfort food she could ever serve up to her riveted audience.

Throughout this thrilling show, Mary invited us into the private, heartbreaking and hilarious details of her unique life.  Yet at the same time, there was such an authenticity and universality to her life’s struggles, we all easily empathized with her plights.  At times, I felt that we in the audience were a flock of birds, swooping up suddenly as Mary hit us unexpectedly with a intensely cutting joke, after nearly grounding the flock with a single remark that tore your heart out, and made tears stream down your face.

But the final mood of the show was triumphant, and I can confidently say this was a repast that fully satisfied a ravenous audience.

The show is on hiatus for a bit, but soon it will be time for a re-heat and another nosh.  I like to quote the director of my town’s community chorus, and a local impresario on his own (Greg Collossalle, founder/owner of BackBeat City School of the Performing Arts: ) by saying, “Always leave ‘em wanting more!”

In the case of Mary Dimino’s “Scared Skinny”, I would modify that to, “Always leave ‘em hungry for more!”  (And she did.)

For an extra helping, PLEASE VISIT the show’s Facebook page and click on the “LIKE” button:  .  Our goal is to get the “LIKES” up over 1,000! 

And just to whet your appetite further…stay tuned for a continued and increasing national presence of Mary Dimino.  She already has done (among other things) national spots for Dunkin Donuts, participated in a Public Television documentary about American eating issues, won various awards, and will be involved in a big project now for the Food Network.  Not to mention teaching a stand-up comedy class that I’ll be taking next year.  How DOES she do it?

Mary!  Make sure you take good care of yourself, so you can keep your audiences well fed with your original and endearing words.

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