I Could Never Picture Myself……

They say one of the hardest things to do is a proper self-portrait.  Going through some old artwork, I found several attempts.  I believe I was almost never successful.

So let the parade begin.  And by the way, I expect to earn major points (towards what, I’m not sure) for displaying these embarrassing images of myself, that I actually made by myself.  It could be worse, though; it’s not like Tom Brady allowing GQ Magazine to run those pics of him cuddling a baby goat.

I’ll start off by cutting myself a break and displaying the only halfway decent one.  I copied it from a picture my dad took of me as a wee tot (and you can click on each image for a closer view):

(And sorry about the pic quality.  Scanner is on the blink, so to speak.)

So this next one is from the eighties.  Note the beautifully groomed “bi-level” hairstyle.  (It was NOT a mullet.)  I think I made myself look overly good (i.e., it doesn’t really resemble me) but it’s still an OK drawing:

Next up, for your amusement, (this one from the seventies) is a pretty hideous image.  Not a bad drawing, but obviously, not a good “self-esteem” day:

And finally, a really weird one I did in college.  They say you pack on the freshmen fifteen, and that does look to be the case based on this:

Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, the vast majority of facial drawings I’ve ever done were NOT of me.  The above images were provided for amusement.  And I have never been one to display my artwork much, but it seems that now might be an OK time to do it.

At some point, I’ll publish a few favorites…….of other people!  Here is one of a brilliant musician/composer/singer (in his youth), that hopefully you will recognize:

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1 Response to I Could Never Picture Myself……

  1. Arlene Dworetsky says:

    Joanna, these are really good. I am so impressed with your creative abilities in music, art, and comedy. You are quite the “artsy” lady. Nice! – Arlene

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