For A More Unisex Constitution

I had an interesting notion the other day, inspired by that go-getter woman who organized a successful internet movement against Bank of America.

Someone should start a Facebook movement to get our country’s Constitution re-written by WOMEN as well as MEN.  After all, who put the “tit” in “cons-TIT-ution”, anyway?  Certainly not any women.  Just a bunch of old timey men; maybe some with man-boobs.  But those don’t count.

See, what bothers me is that the highest law of our land was written WITHOUT female hands laid directly upon it.  I want to see that changed, and I believe that it can be easily done.  (As an aside, since I’m personally into sewing, I’m really glad Betsy Ross did such a nice job with her hands with the flag; but frankly, it’s just not enough for me.)

Now, let me quickly divest you of the notion that I want to CHANGE the actual CONTENT of our national Constitution.  No!  I would never be so presumptuous.  (Although we might want to make a slight modification to that “right to bear arms” part to not accommodate automatic weapons.)  What I really would like to see would be the SYMBOLIC EFFORT of men and women together, physically re-writing the U.S.  Constitution.  Even if it only takes place over the internet, or with voice-recognition software transcribing the whole thing, for God’s sake – I’d just love to see such a joint effort (and accompanying dialogue), resulting in a shiny nice new document with a pretty, new frame.  We could then have a big national ceremony, just like the renewal of vows that long-time married couples sometimes have.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to look forward to such a nice nationalistic event?

Now if that ain’t puttin’ a slightly female spin on the Constitution, I don’t know what is.

By the way, I am not volunteering for this job (that is, to try to spearhead the internet movement to re-write the American Constitution by both men and women).  I think we need an attorney, who is also a good writer to do the job.  I hereby nominate my friend Penni Petzold for the task.  I have great faith in her.  I would love to see her name someday in the history books for having made this big thing happen; but I’ll be dead by then.  Probably.

Penni:  go, write, win!  And call me soon; I do enjoy our chats so much.

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One Response to For A More Unisex Constitution

  1. totsymae1011 says:

    OMG. one of them feminists. But I still like your blog. 🙂

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