Come see the Glastonbury Chorus’ Holiday Concert on Sunday, December 18th (4pm)!!

Come one, come ALL


(in proud association with BackBeat City Performing Arts Center)

* * * * HO L I D A Y   2 0 1 1   C O N C E R T * * * *

The blessed event will take place on Sunday, December 18th, at 4pm in the auditorium at Gideon Welles Middle School, 1029 Neipsic Road, Glastonbury, CT.

A dessert reception, with both savory and sweet selections, will follow the concert, which itself will include a rousing audience sing-a-along and caroling session.  Not to mention some traditional and unusual seasonal numbers, as well as very special guest appearances!

Admission is only $8 for adults;  $5 for Students and Seniors, and Children Under 7 are FREE!

As always, we collect unused and non-perishable food and toiletries for the local pantry, if you wish to make a donation.

I realize many of you are not in the area, or unable to attend due to the many conflicts of the season….but if you could PLEASE pass along this email, or just forward the information about the concert, in the event that someone you know might be in the area and interested, I’d be greatly appreciative!

Here is a wonderful recording of the Welsh folk song “All Through The Night”, from our chorus’ Spring ’04 concert…to try to get you in the spirit of the season.  Enjoy!

I wish you ALL a wonderful holiday season, and a happy, healthy new year.  May Your Every New Year Dream Come True.

(My personal wish is for hordes of people to go to our FB page and like it!  It’s so easy, it is FREE, and it will make me feel so much better.)


And/or our official website

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