Guess The Celebrity

So, who is this?








And who is this?








He really did used to look that young.

And…how about this?







Ok, one more…:







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2 Responses to Guess The Celebrity

  1. totsymae1011 says:

    Madonna’s the third image. The others are well-rendered but I just don’t watch enough of anything to recognize them. I want to say the first portrait is a model.

  2. That first portrait is of a woman who was a model first, I believe, then became a serious actress. Quite good, too. Will give you some hints…she’s from the south, is divorced from a prominent and somewhat volatile but popular actor, and has one daughter that’s named after a country. Number two is now an old English rocker. And number four had a womb so polluted, she couldn’t have a kid, to refer to a famous/iconic violent movie (and line said about her character in said movie) that she was in long ago.

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