It’s Always Good To Get a SHORTY…Let’s Help MARY DIMINO Do Just That!

In hockey, a shorty is a short-handed goal.  This occurs during a penalty-kill, and is always very thrilling.  Especially when it’s your kid sitting in the penalty box after having committed a rather, er, short-sighted, er, action, against another kid during the game.

It is in this spirit of VICTORY under DURESS that I wish to bring to your attention the SHORTY AWARDS, and why you should, along with me on a DAILY basis, nominate Mary Dimino for a SHORTY AWARD in the SOCIAL FITNESS Category!!

If you’d like to copy/paste the below text for the TWITTER link above, it’s exactly 140 characters (not including the quotes, silly!)…and also gets my point across as to why I think you should VOTE for Mary:  “I nominate @MaryDimino 4 a Shorty Award in #socialfitness b/c she’s a MENSCH who uses social media EFFECTIVELY to HELP!”

And she does!  Follow MARY DIMINO/Scared Skinny on TWTTER if you think I’m lying!

If you’d like to read about Mary’s award-winning, brilliant one-woman show, Scared Skinny, click here to read my review!!

Or visit the SCARED SKINNY Facebook page!

In addition to all the stuff Mary does already, she contributes to society’s social fitness by training comedians!  I’m delighted to currently be in a class she’s teaching in NYC, and will keep you all posted as to when our graduation performance will be.  What I do know now is it will be a Saturday at Stand Up NY (W. 78th & B’way) in late winter/early spring.  We have got some very interesting characters in this class, so it’s sure to be a great show!  I’m also hoping to book other stand-up dates myself in NYC & will keep folks posted on that front as well.

Thank you for taking the time to READ, CONSIDER, and VOTE (take action!  Help a helper!  Do it now!  And daily, if you don’t mind).

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