Los Machucambos!

My dad had a huge LP collection.  Even while he was still alive, he introduced all of us in the family to a pretty eclectic array of artists, from genres ranging from classical to pop to comedy.

One of the musical groups I had the good luck to become familiar with was called Los Machucambos, and I still listen with mucho gusto to their music.

After my dad died, I continued to tap into his collection of music and became very attached to a number of artists and groups.  I still find the music of Los Machucambos to be every bit as compelling today as I did way back in my teens.  I hope you enjoy.

Below is a picture I drew of the group (from the album cover that we had).  Unfortunately, I glued the drawing to a mat and that’s why you see some unsightly splotches across the face of the gentleman on the left and a little bit on the others’ faces and necks.

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