Me, And The Craft of Stand-Up Comedy.

In case you are interested (and of course you are interested), I just added a link to the blogroll (look to the lower right of the screen) for a (just under) seven-minute video of my stand-up set from last December at New York Comedy Club (241 E. 24th St., NY, NY).

It’s rather ribald (like me) but actually contains no curse-words (unlike me).

I’m in the midst of another stand-up course (with the great and talented Mary Dimino) and believe (but am not 100% sure just yet) that I’ll be performing in the graduation show on a Saturday evening in April (4/28) at Stand Up New York (236 W. 78th St., NY, NY).  I’m hoping to line up other slots in the coming months and will keep folks posted about that as well as the Stand Up NY date.  In the short time since December (and in great part, due to the tutelage and inspiration of Mary Dimino, as well as the lovely people I’ve met in her class), I’ve turned over most of my set and have new material, some of which is revolutionary (for me), and all of it entertaining!

Thank you for your ongoing support!

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2 Responses to Me, And The Craft of Stand-Up Comedy.

  1. As of now, it looks like the Stand Up NY show will be a Saturday in MAY, not 4/28. Stay tuned.

  2. The date has been set for my current class’ grad show….Saturday, May 19th, show start time TBD (but likely 5:30 or 6pm). Location will be Stand Up New York (W. 78th & B’way, NYC). I’ll remind people when we get closer to the date. This will be a great show in an awesome and accessible club on upper west side.

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