Joanna the Warmonger!

Folks, at the bottom of this blog post is the Youtube link for my stand-up set from round 2 of the Radio 104 Talent Warz, which took place last Friday (2/24/12) in The Rock Room at Up Or On The Rocks in Hartford.

The number of Facebook comments mentioning my name, or number of “likes” on Facebook comments mentioning my name will determine the winner.  Not that I expect to win, but an honorable mention would be nice.

You can vote for me on Facebook HERE.

There was so much background noise in the bar that night:  thudding music, obnoxious drunk people talking together (!!)…..that it is impossible to hear on the video the actual laughs when they occurred.  But trust me, I killed (at least with the five people in the bar that were listening to me).  And if anyone tells you differently, I will kill them.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

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