A Fortnight of Ponderings

Save The Earth; Kill An Asteroid:  I just heard on the radio that there’s an asteroid headed straight for earth with a long and scary name that’s so frightening, I’ve suppressed the memory of it.  As the NPR guy said, they didn’t name it Bambi for a reason.

In order to defend our planet from rogue heavenly bodies such as this one, we need to continue at least a portion of NASA.   (As the NPR guy also said, the dinosaurs didn’t have a space program, and look how things turned out for them.)

Though it sounds like science fiction, there are real technologies available that could enable us to gently steer such an asteroid in another direction using little cosmic “tugboats”.  I say it’s all a good idea, though we may end up relying on a bunch of NRA nuts who’d be too happy to blow anything out of the sky with their precious weapons.


I Am Pro-Living Prose:  Each and every one of these words was planned.


Social Dis-Ease:  On CNN one recent morning (2/26/12) I saw a panel discussing the Republican presidential candidates’ use of social media.  Someone asked, “Who has the most Twitter followers?”  I don’t remember the answer, but I think Newt Gingrinch’s followers at that website should officially be called Twits.

Now, I would not have been surprised if they had said no one wants to subscribe to Mitt Romney’s Facebook page, because any picture his staff ever posts of him there consistently scares small children and dogs.  And you could have guessed that Ron Paul is not much of an internet sensation.  Probably because he thinks his 1981 desktop goes too fast for him.  Someone should tell him to stop trying to shove those 8-track tapes into the floppy drive.

It’s sad to think of this, but only in America:  hardly anyone goes to the actual polls on Election Day any more, but you can always depend on folks to “like” all their favorites on Facebook.


What’s Bugging You?  Recently (on Public Radio), I heard a discussion about drunk fruit flies.  Yep, you read that right:  inebriated insects.  (They must be very cheap dates.)  Apparently, when fruit flies get some sort of common infection, they automatically seek alcohol (where it’s found naturally, presumably in some type of plant), because they instinctively know it will kill the germs.  Fascinating.  A story about sh!t-faced fruit flies.  That’s really a slow news day, even for Public Radio.  What’s next, a “piece” on constipated dung beetles?  A micro-study of millipedes with co-dependency issues?


Wordsmith At Work:  “Harmonista” is a word I thought I invented recently to describe myself; I like to sing harmony, and also make up alternate melodies.  (In addition, I’d like for there to be “true Harmony” in the Universe.  At least, that sounds better than stating my goal is “world Peace”, if I ever enter some kind of Cougar Beauty Pageant.)

Anyway, “Harmonista” seems to be an original term, insofar as how it might apply to people.  It does turn out there was an obscure invention by the same name that never caught on;  you can read about it here.

Hopefully my usage of the term Harmonista will have better, longer-lasting reverberations.


Talent Warz & The State of Stand-Up Comedy:  I’d like to thank all the folks who viewed and “liked” my Radio 104 Talent Warz video on Facebook and Youtube.  I did not expect to advance to the next round, but it was a great experience, I met some interesting people, and was glad to get the exposure.  I will keep you all posted on upcoming performances.  By the end of this month, I should know when my (Saturday in May) performance at Stand Up New York is scheduled.  Thank you for your continued support!

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