Help Joanna Make The Director’s Cut!

Be a part of history.  Come see me perform in a comedy showcase at Director’s Cut in Stratford, CT.

  1. The show is at 9pm on Saturday, March 24th.  (A link with more information may be viewed here.)
  2. Director’s Cut (one of the Treehouse Comedy Clubs) is in the Stratford Hotel at 225 Lordship Blvd, Stratford, CT.
  3. The show host is comedian Tom Kelly, who, aside from touring nationally, also warms up for The View and Ricki Lake
  4. Tickets are $12 at the door if you make a reservation by calling 203-268-5857 and mentioning my name and Director’s Cut 3/24 show.  (No need to purchase on-line as you’ll pay a bit extra in service charges, but I do need the reservations to maintain the slot.)
  5. Instead of a two drink minimum, it’s a two purchase minimum (e.g., drink + appetizer)
  6. There are always great comics in these showcases!  Hope to see you there.
  7. Thank you for your ongoing support…….it’s quite valuable to me.

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