A Very Green St. Paddy’s Day Weekend

Green is the color of renewal.  That’s why it’s officially my favorite color.  I felt some major renewal coming on this past weekend.

On Saturday, I saw a lot of green at the Irish American Home in Glastonbury, CT.


And that’s all I’m authorized to disclose about my time at the Home.



On Sunday, I did my first open mic in New York City (I have done several in CT), and it was a wonderful experience.

The first good sign:  I fly into the city on a sunny afternoon in my trusty brown Civic Econ with my homeys P & C.  I slip into a tiny street spot near the club on the first try.  My posse is reminded yet again of what a Wild West Hero I am.

Our destination was the Sunday evening open mic at New York Comedy Club.  Though I did not pre-book, I managed to lasso a spot in the line-up, probably because I was the second comic there, the emcee knew I had traveled a long way west, and, I’m just generally a pure delight to be around.

I’ve also wrangled myself a spot in the Clayton Fletcher show on Saturday, March 31st, 8pm, at New York Comedy Club, 241 E. 24th St. (between 2nd & 3rd Aves.), NYC (212-696-5233).  Please check out the event promo here, ; you may RSVP you are coming; or, join the CT/NY Comedians (“Jokesters”) Meetup.com group to stay appraised of upcoming events.

If you’re planning to come, please RSVP at the Meetup.com link above, or please call the club (212-696-5233) and make reservations under my name.  You may pay at the door, or buy tix online, but there may be a service charge.

Please note: the 3/24 Director’s Cut (Stratford, CT) showcase that I was scheduled to be in was completely cancelled, with no re-schedule date in sight.  I plan now to focus on NYC open mics and showcases.

Thank you for your ongoing support!  As you know, I find it quite valuable.

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