No Tickee, No Crown

I had a blowout of a dream last night, where I was about to be crowned for something, but I got a voucher for a crown instead.  Later in the dream, I was on stage doing stand-up, passing around a one-page contract, asking people to initial a silly box on the paper to acknowledge they could laugh.

OK, I did not actually dream any of that, but I conceived those notions in quick succession just now, for some reason, so I feel compelled to record them together herewith, as such.  How’s that for some danglin’ prepositions?

Speaking of dangling….my husband’s cousin, a highly reputed civil engineer/financial advisor/general king of humanity, once told me of several basic equations scientists use to erect large structures.  It basically goes like this:  the angle of the dangle, is equal to the heat of the meat, which is also equal to the torque of the pork.

And that is the sum total of my knowledge of civil engineering.  That, and I don’t like driving over bridges that are about to collapse.

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