Seeds of Distraction

A very health-oriented friend eats (in addition to his regular meals) Chia seeds.  Yes, they are the seeds of unborn Chia pets.  He suspends them in water and keeps them in the fridge.  (Good thing unborn Chias are natural swimmers.)  The concoction looks like frog eggs in a cup, and my friend slurps from this cup several times a day, because Chia seeds are a “perfect food”.  I tried a tiny bit – it was tasteless.  (Much like my sense of humor at times!)

If slurping Chia seeds in water ever goes main-“stream” (pun completely intended), (and it should, because these things are tremendously healthy), I’ve thought of a good slogan for the advertisements:  “Chia!  The Healthiest Seed You Can Swallow.”

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