Sarah Makes Us Smile

I went with a group of friends to see Sarah Colonna headline at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City last February.  She’s a very funny writer and roundtable regular on the late-night show Chelsea Lately, as well as a stand-up comedian and actress.  During the Gotham show, she plugged her new book, which had just come out, called “Life As I Blow It”.  I made a mental note to purchase it.

At one point in the middle of Sarah’s Gotham set, some women at a table behind us were rudely chatting among themselves, and Sarah expertly called them out on it.  I don’t blame her for doing that; the women were probably a bunch of type-A’s who could not fully appreciate Sarah’s laid-back, Southern style.  (She hails from Arkansas.)  I’m sure there are Northerners who believe that a relaxed Southern vibe reverberates from some sort of deeply-infused plantation-owner attitude.  Personally, I think it’s more due to the excessive heat mixed with the heavy food.

A few days after the show, I left Sarah a message via her website’s “contact” form, complimenting her on her comedy set, saying I was a budding comic at an advanced age, and that I planned to buy her book.  I never got a response.

I did pick up Sarah’s book about a month later, and read through it quickly.  A short way in, I could see Sarah’s written themes were the same as her stand-up themes.  She describes herself as someone who is very neat and clean, pays her bills on time, answers all her email, and drinks and f#cks a lot.  (Shame on you, Sarah, for not answering my email.)

In her book, Sarah regales us with tales of her drunken escapades, and they are truly fun and well-told stories.  She admits she blacked out a number of times, but despite that, she still has much to tell.  If that’s not a testament to the richness of her conscious, waking life, I don’t know what is.

Reading Sarah’s book, one realizes that the vagina can be used as a weapon.  She herself wields it fearlessly.  “Life As I Blow It” reveals also, though, that the vagina is a tricky weapon, which can be turned on (in?) you, resulting in a deep flesh wound from which it’s hard to recover.

It’s clear, though, that Sarah Colonna will soldier on in the proverbial War of The Sexes, and will continue to make folks laugh with her appealing, self-deprecatory humor.

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