Another Manic Monday Mix, On Monday This Time!

Hell On Wheels:  I know how the hideous Chevy El Camino got its name.  Because you’d rather be walking than be seen riding in it.  (Please don’t make me explain that “Camino” means “walk” in Spanish.)


Swords Into Plow-Shares:  I think that instead of the public displays of [lack of] force in which North Korea routinely engages, they should turn their nuclear missiles into grain silos.  They have plenty of bombs, but people are starving over there.


She’s A Bill-Buster:  CNN recently did a piece about Hilary Clinton and what a wicked sense of humor she has.  Of course she can take a joke…she’s married to Bill.


Paperless, My App:  One place we will never be able to go completely paperless is the toilet.  Oh, I know about the bidet, referred to in Britain as the “arse-hole power-wash”, but in civilized countries, there’s always gonna be paper in the W.C.  Some people believe in the endless ability of the digital world to manage the human condition, but I just don’t think the world will ever see an app for wiping arses.  Not even in the U.K.  (Although the Royals have had one for centuries…it’s called a valet.)

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