Double Your Pleasure

I recently saw an interview of a British woman named Hazel Jones, who has, of all things, two vaginas.  She was discussing her unique physical condition in great detail on TV.  (I am amazed at how the British can suspend their typical “stiff upper lip” attitude in order to publicly discuss such delicate topics.  No pun intended.)

This woman with two vaginas, Hazel Jones, was offered $1 million to be in an adult movie.  She refused, saying there is no amount she’d accept to display her wares.  (Except maybe $2 million?)  If she does do a porn movie, I’ve got a title suggestion:  “Must-See V-V“.

I watched the interview with my husband.  When it was over, we both sat astounded.  I offered, “She has a pretty face.”  His reply:  “She has a face?”

A nice touch would have been if, during the interview, they occasionally cut to a clip of those conjoined twins in Minnesota, complaining bitterly about how they got stuck with just one vagina between them.

I suppose that the husband of the woman with two vaginas is usually happy, except for when she asks him, “Do these make my ass look fat?

In conclusion, I think Hazel Jones should move to America in order to apply for a patent on exponential orgasms.  And I wish her many (many, many) happy returns.

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