For The Beauty Of The Earth: Remembering Dominic Colossale (1934-2012)

The father of our chorus’ director suddenly passed away two Wednesdays ago on April 11, 2012.  His name was Dominic Colossale, and though I never met him, his son, Greg Colossale, has had a tremendous impact on my life as a member of the Glastonbury Chorus.  Earth-moving, you might say.  Which is appropriate, because Dominic Colossale was a bit of an earth-mover, too, as well as many other things.  You may read his very interesting and impressive obituary here.

I wish I had known the man.  He was a dynamo.

I feel it’s no small coincidence that we’ll soon be performing (among other songs at our May 6th concert) an astoundingly beautiful piece of music by John Rutter called “For The Beauty Of The Earth”.  You may listen to an excellent version of the piece on YouTube by searching on “Saint Paul Cathedral Choir: For the Beauty of the Earth”.

Please rest in peace, Dear Dominic Colossale.  He moved Earth; he’s now in Heaven.



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