So Funny I Forgot To Laugh

Due to a trumped-up promotional email that came my way, I recently fell under the impression that the local Funny Bone (comedy club) had finally moved their open mic onto their own actual premises.  Well, I was wrong, it’s still at Nomad’s, a sterile but pretty little bar in the next town over.

If they had moved the open mic to the actual Funny Bone, I would have gone and done a set, and used as an opener, “Well, this open mic, and I guess also ME by association, have just moved up a notch….the Funny Bone finally became unashamed enough to hold their open mic night on their ACTUAL premises.”

The local Funny Bone has a huge inferiority complex, I think…they declaim themselves to be the “HARTFORD Funny Bone”, not the “MANCHESTER Funny Bone”, where they actually are, in the ‘burbs, in a MALL.  (Not a big fancy city like Hartford!)  I don’t know what’s worse, having your open mic in a plastic-y, contrived, super-new, off-gassing drinking symposium nestled in the midst of suburban kiddie-orgasmarama-ville (Nomad’s), OR having your open mic in a city-name-boasting (and a pathetic city name it is; if you’re gonna FAKE your city name, instead of HARTFORD, why not pick one with panache, like Paris or Edinburgh?), mall-ensconced, corporate-chain-comedy club that’s populated mostly with empty chairs?  I mean, really.

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