What’s In A Name?

I suffer from the affliction of occasionally coming up with quirky yet entertaining book titles.  (A related malady is inventing fictitious band names.)

Without further ado, I present to you my list for this morning, as I wait for my car to be serviced at Manchester Honda, a wonderful establishment owned by mensches.  (Now, there’s a title:  “A Good Mensch Is Hard To Find“.)  (The owners of Manchester Honda, by the way, have nothing to do with, and do not endorse in any way my ribald sense of humor.)  (But, they probably wouldn’t mind it, and I am still sitting here, aren’t I?)  (Oh, all right, below is the list of book names I’d like to see.)

“I Know You’re Busy, But I’m Funny”

“All About Fluff”

“My Boyfriend’s Penis Was Zagat-Rated”

“When In Doubt, Smoke It Out”

“I Know A Skinhead From Peoria”

“The [insert name here] Story:  Still F*ckable At Fifty”

“Accept, Accept, Accept”  [sequel to “Deny, Deny, Deny”]

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