A Very Happy Mothers’ Day

This seems like a wonderful day to re-run a post I did about my mom about thirteen months ago.  Plus, since I’m a mother, too, I can re-post this with very little effort, and cash in on my day when I officially am supposed to do nothing.

I’d like to wish all Mothers a wonderful day today (and every day!).  And we hold dear the memory of all the mothers (and mothers-in-law) that have passed on.  Forever will they be in our hearts.

Since originally publishing my mom’s recorded performance, “Musical Prescriptions”, in April, 2011, I’ve learned something interesting regarding the intro and outro melodies that she sang.  She did something very unusual, and as far as she knows to this day, something that has not been done by anyone else:  she sings the trumpet solo from George Gershwin’s “An American In Paris”.  I’d also like to reiterate that my mom is accompanying herself on the piano.  Double Threat!


When my mom was a senior in Hunter College in 1951, she had to do a project for a radio course.  She wrote, arranged, played, sang and performed something called “Musical Prescriptions” for this project.  I am, of course, biased, but her performance was impressive.  The “program” is just over thirteen minutes long if you wish to take a listen.   She performs several semi-classical and Broadway show tunes, with clever banter in between.

You can listen by clicking on the link below.  It may take a moment to load, so please be patient; it’s well worth it.

Thank you for listening.  Maybe Rita Rivkin’s music will be just what the doctor ordered for YOU!


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