Musings for a Tuesday

Jubilicious:  I watched a bit of the Queen of England’s Jubilee celebration, involving boats doing fantastic maneuvers on the Thames River.  The commentators marveled at the fact that the Queen had not yet sat; I marveled at how she had not yet hurled over the side of the boat.

One of the British commentators actually said that the “Queen hates pretentiousness”.  I’m confused; the last time I looked up “pretentiousness” in the dictionary, well….you can imagine whose picture I saw.

And finally, I really enjoyed the slideshow allowing me to see the Queen meeting with various world leaders.  Almost all of them showed the monarch and everyone else looking very serious and stiff.  The notable exception was the one of Lizzy and GWB, where they both look so animated to the point that I can easily imagine them having a lively debate about their favorite guns.


C-SPAN is the new Public TV:  The other day, I felt forced to watch C-SPAN for news because I could no longer stomach the inane banter of the morning panel-based news on CNN.  (I had long ago abandoned network “news” in the morning.)

Switching to what appears to still be pure hard news on C-SPAN was a shock to the system.  At the top of an interview with Mike Conaway, a Republican congressman from Texas, where they were discussing intelligence and security threats, I found myself thinking, “Is he breathing?”  Here’s a situation where I wish the image police were on-set, mostly to close the guy’s mouth.

Is there no news compromise between the equivalent of watching paint dry and listening to middle-school lunch room chatter?  I think I’m gonna get a boxed set of the old news with Walter Cronkite. I’d rather watch “The Way It Was” thirty years ago on this day and hear some balanced news, versus deal with the drivel we’re served up today.


A Maxim:  I am excellent in an emergency.  The rest of the time I’m lazy as hell.


Best Magazine Forever:  I found a pile of Life magazines from the 60’s in my mom’s basement.  I was very excited, but she just rolled her eyes when I showed them to her.  “Oh, yeah, them.  I remember in 1975 I told them I was canceling.  They kept sending the magazines.  It was then that I realized how they got their name; you were stuck with the subscription for LIFE.”


A Degree Is A Terrible Thing To Waste:  Did you hear about that Yugoslavian immigrant who worked as a janitor at Columbia University, and who also matriculated at night there for many years?  He finally earned his bachelor’s degree, and then announced that he would continue on in his janitor position.  This is what’s known in America today as “upward mobility”.  I wonder if he’s kicking himself now, realizing he could have fast-tracked his degree by cleaning professors’ houses on the weekends.

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I've gone to (100's of) pieces here in my blogs. Read, enjoy, laugh, cure insomnia; it's your choice.
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