Summer of ’68

I found some old negatives in my mom’s basement recently and decided to make prints.  I’m presenting some of the more noteworthy pictures here.  All photos were taken by my dad, William Oshinsky.  He was deeply into photography and even did his own developing, right in our basement.

I believe all these particular photos were taken during the summer of 1968.  You may click on each individual one for a closer look.  Enjoy!



I’d like to think I was pretending I was at a book signing.  But I was not that precocious.







I was just starting to perfect my “rumpled” look.





Early evidence of my affinity for cats.





Developing my early technique of laying around in a bathrobe, staring off into space.





My brother:  it’s not easy to be a genius.







Much easier to be a silly little thing.







I look eerily at home behind that steering wheel.







Yep, that’s how I roll.






My mom.  I love this picture.







I think I was sweet on that boy.  Look at my body language!  I was probably impressed with his shoe size.  And the fact that he’s doing a bit of stand-up comedy.



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  1. Lisa Engel says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

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