Memo to the POTUS

On the new and brilliant HBO show “VEEP“, the hilarious Julia Louis-Dreyfus (as VP Selina Meyer) constantly asks her assistant, “Did the President call?”

Well, I just got an email from the POTUS saying he’s about to be outspent.  (I think he might have been looking for money.)

Really, Mr. President (apparently I’m talking to you, now), has it come to this?  You don’t truly feel threatened by that douche-bag Romney, do you?  Why, I just passed his bus on Interstate 84.  There was a whole pack of wild dogs jumping up and down on the roof.  They were trying to avoid being shot by Sarah Palin, who was in a helicopter flying overhead.  He doesn’t have a chance.

Anyway, not long ago, I ranted about a graphic a friend posted on Facebook, which I present herewith:

How can we live with ourselves in this country?  This is obscene, and I believe it’s a big part of our nation’s economic downfall.  I have ideas for solutions, but they all involve pitchforks.  (“Pitchfork Ready”?)

I just wanted to go on record saying how terrible it is for executives to accept, nay demand, a paycheck that is far greater than what they have to offer.

So Mr. President, please don’t exacerbate the problem by saying you fear you’ll be “outspent”.  That may happen, but you’re the better person for the job, and I believe this November’s election results will bear that out.  And, I predict that eventually, a new word will enter the American Lexicon: to “Romney” something; meaning, to try to force something into a place where it doesn’t belong.

On the other hand, if Mr. Big Spender Mitt does in fact have his way, the U.S. would end up being the nation-state version of a date-rape victim.  And that would be a very bitter morning-after pill to swallow, indeed.

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  1. joan barker says:

    Loved this !

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