Sabbath Ruminations: Just Words And No Graven Images

Particle Worship:  I always feel a tiny something tickling my soul whenever I hear the occasional story from the world of physics concerning the discovery of a new molecular micro-crumb.  Or a story like the recent confirmation, based on acid trips of scientists, that we’ve found the elusive Higgs Boson particle.  The God particle!  I ask you:  what does it matter, anyway?  One dusting and it’s all gone.  Though the chances of that happening in my house are low.

Long live the God particle.


A Maxim Simply being on stand-by is way under-appreciated.


Man vs. Chimps:  So I was talking to my son about those two chimps that mauled the guy from Texas, and I was recounting all the injuries.  The puzzling one, to me, was the ripping off of one testicle.  I said, “How do you get just one?  Isn’t it a package deal?”

To which my son replied, “Nah, he probably got just the one.  Monkeys are sloppy.”


Scat-ter Brained Folks in nursing homes often have self-defecating senses of humor.


Insult To Injury Can they be serious when the Hoveround people say your free gift with purchase is a travel mug?  That’s like offering porn to a blind man.


Reptile Rainbow Bridge Some kids recently found an alligator near the Connecticut River.  The DEP took it away because exotic pets are illegal in the state.  They said it would be sent to a “wildlife facility in Massachusetts”.  In other words, it’s going to a nice alligator community “up north”.  Where they coincidentally make handbags.


The Self-Driving Jew:  Many of us Jews feel like the Chosen People only to the extent that we often end up being the designated driver.


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