The Mouths Of Babes

Watching a story this morning on CNN about youth reporters, I realized that in the future, journalists may not be able to get jobs unless they have childhood experience.  (Kind of the same way people eventually won’t be able to get into the “Ivies” without having gone to the proper pre-school.)

I bet Mitt Romney loves giving interviews to “youth reporters”.  If they actually present him with a difficult, pertinent question, his standard response would be (facing the camera), “Kids.  They ask the darnedest things”, while chucking them on the shoulder.

In addition to bringing up “local unemployment rates” in an interview she did with a politician, one toddler journalist I saw on CNN would have done well to also ask some tough Medicare questions on behalf of her Abuela.

And the second “little girl reporter” I saw on CNN….it was like pulling teeth just to get her to talk about herself.  When the CNN anchor asked what big stories little Lois Lane was tracking, she twirled her hair, shuffled her feet, and said, “Um…….I don’t know….”.

Let’s hope none of the young ‘uns ask Mitt about his stance on IVF, because at least one of his grand-kids might not be amused by the way Grampa talks out of both sides of his mouth on this, as well as other issues.

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