Sir Whiner-Man

Survivorman is a show my thirteen year-old son recently started watching.  He likes it better than Man vs. Wild because the star of the show, Les Stroud, is alone (vs. hanging out with a camera-man).  I decided to watch a bit to get a sense of what I might ridicule.

This guy is constantly whining about staying safe and how he’s going to get horrible blisters and how many people died right where he was standing from a den of black widow spiders.  The list goes on and on, allowing me to conceive of several variations on the original show:

[Hipster/existentialist version]  “We All Die.

[Hispanic Version]  “¡Dios Mio, Cuán Horrible!

[Jewish Verson]  “Oy Vey.”

My son told me the show has been on for awhile, but the dude (Les Stroud) took a few years off at one point.  I asked, “So, where was he?  Locked in his bathroom?  They could have kept on filming and called it ‘Survivorman:  The Agoraphobia Years‘.”

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