What A Character

I invite you to read my brief review of Rachel Dratch’s memoir “Girl Walks Into A Bar”.

This book can hold the attention of a woman going through menopause.  If you’ve ever hung around someone going through the change, then you know just what a huge compliment that is.

Right from the start, I felt a great kinship with Ms. Dratch:  we both come from Jewish families in New England, appear to suffer from similar neuroses, and right after I read her high school recollection of observing a weird thespian-type retrieve a raisin from her tights during class and then eat it, I myself found a Raisinette stuck to the back of my thigh.  (I discarded it.)  (I had just eaten the rest of the entire package.)

I’d heard and read over the years about the competitiveness behind the scenes at Saturday Night Live, but as I was reading this book, it occurred to me that getting a character “born” on SNL is much like the actual human conception process.  It’s surprisingly fraught with danger, and (in the words of my gynecologist) it’s a wonder that it ever happens at all.  (To be fair, my doc was talking about humans, not SNL.)

I really enjoyed Rachel’s writing style and her many inventive phrases, such as “old country photo shoot”.  I was also shocked to hear her refer to her breasts several times (while explaining her slouchy posture) as “huge jugs”.  I didn’t know Rachel Dratch even had boobs.  I’d been too busy watching her hilarious facial expressions.

At the outset of this tiny essay, I declared that “Girl Walks Into A Bar” could hold the attention of menopausal women.  Beyond that, it’s enlightening, entertaining and well-written.  Imagine the delight of menopausal women everywhere!  And the poor people who are stuck hanging around us.  We all really needed something.  Thank you, Rachel Dratch.

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