New Blog: MySpew

Look Ma, I’m writing short fiction!  Actually, my mom doesn’t go on the internet, but I did tell her all about this.  And that reminds me, I need to print this stuff out and make her read it.

But I promise you, it’s pretty entertaining stuff, indeed, and I do take the art form seriously (almost as seriously as comedy).  So I invite you to read “Weekend At Yogi’s”, my new short story, published in installments.  See the links below.  And Vaya Con Dios.

Click here for Chapter 1 of “Weekend At Yogi’s” – “Intestinal Intuition”.

If you’re ready for Chapter 2 – “Hidden And Forbidden Sweets” – click this instead.

Chapter 3 (“Northern Journey”) is now available for your viewing pleasure!  Read about our heroes traveling through the bowels of a spooky building and finally going up toward a mysterious door.  Would Freud have a field day with that?  Who cares.  Click this link to read the chapter!

Chapter 4 (“Oral And Moral Minefields”) is now available for your consumption. What happens to two gassy people after dinner? Click here for a breath of fresh air!

Chapter 5 (“Forward Thinking”) is now available here for your consideration.

I attempt to blow you away with Chapter 6 (“May The Wind Be Behind You”), here.

The aroma of flowers can cover up the smell, but not the discomfort, of gas.  For more profound statements like this, please check Chapter 7, “Floral Revelations”.

By clicking HERE, you can delve into Chapter 8, “Going Deep Within”!!

About Joanna Rapoza

I've gone to (100's of) pieces here in my blogs. Read, enjoy, laugh, cure insomnia; it's your choice.
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