Eras Of Hair

A few friends have coincidentally brought up the topic of mullets lately, and that inspired me to arrange a little photo parade of old hair styles I’ve experienced over the decades.

Fourth grade saw me looking like a little boy.  I can admit it.  I actually was a tomboy that played with Barbies; a very eclectic child, if I do say so, myself.  Even then I hung with all types:  future doctors, gangsters, politicians.

OK, I must be much more secure than I give myself credit for, because this hair is hideous.  I knew it was hideous when I had it.  It was the intersection of the one perm I ever had, with a mullet.  I should be able to think of a name for this style, but I cannot.

Next up is a pic of me in the early 90’s with one of my nieces.  Not sure why the hair seems so dark.  At least it’s not a permed mullet.

Now this one’s a kicker.  My corporate ID for the now defunct CML (Conn. Mutual Life), taken in early 1985:

And now, one more, if you’ll indulge me (as I indulge you, getting to see all these horridly amusing photos of me!).  I think that’s the mullet again lurking under the headband and facial mask on my beautiful plaid couch.  That one was a keeper (…..not!).

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