Bar Mitzvah Boy Extraordinaire

My kid makes an impression on his teachers and coaches.  In the locker room at the ice rink, he once asked, “Was there hockey during the Renaissance?”  In fourth grade, he informed the class (and I’m certain this was pertinent to the discussion) that Jimi Hendrix had died by choking on puke.  (He didn’t specify whose puke.)  In sixth grade he pantsed a kid on the playground and I had to tell him I was not that desperate for material.  In seventh grade he got in trouble for making a comment in class about “not dropping the soap”.  He claims he thought dropping the soap was bad because there are lots of germs on the shower floor.  He was embarrassed for having gotten in trouble while all the kids sat and silently stared; none of them understood.  I told Cam that frankly I was disappointed that the child of a comedian did not know what dropping the soap meant.  And that made him laugh.  (He has an excellent sense of humor.)

But I’m really proud of my kid and I love him.  He did an amazing job for his Bar Mitzvah this past Saturday and I’m still walking on air!  Mazal Tov, my Camo-man!

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