Now, that’s funny.

WHEN?    This Thursday, November 8, 2012.  Doors open 6:30 pm; show starts at 8pm!

WHERE?    Piatti’s Resaturant, 1001 Hebron Avenue, Glastonbury, Connecticut.  (FREE parking!)

HOW MUCH?  $20 donation at the door.  Remember, the parking is free.

WHAT’S THE CAUSE?    Funny you should ask.  Why, it’s Devin McHenry (pictured above)Glastonbury’s own reigning National American Miss Connecticut Princess.  Piatti’s Restaurant is hosting a comedy fundraiser to benefit Devin’s quest for the national crown and title.  As part of the event we are asking for a donation of non-perishable goods for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  There will be raffles, prizes, a grab-bag prize for those who bring donations, and of course, the comedians.  And food.  Lots and lots of good food and a fully stocked bar.  Be there, folks, ’cause it’s gonna be a WIN-WIN-WIN.


The man needs no introduction, though he often gets one.

In just a short time, Brian Barganier has begun to effectively mark his territory in the history book of penis jokes.  Years ago, working as a DJ, Brian decided one day to stop the music and drunkenly stagger onto the stage, where he continued ridiculing the clientele.  It went surprisingly well, and Brian, also an accomplished musician who’s shared the stage with well-known indie groups, hasn’t looked back since.  Now Brian has gone on to share the stage with great comics, including Joey Gay, Amy Schumer, Buddy Flip, and Josh Spear.  In a remarkably short time, Brian has headlined major clubs all over the east coast, including the Broadway Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, Hartford Funny Bone, Comix at Foxwoods Casino and Resort, and Boston Improv. He also enjoys drinking, the trampoline arts, and a cappella singing.


Figure 1: a CT Thug gone back to his old spawning ground.

Rob Santos is the original black Jew of Japan.  What more do you need to know?  OK, he’s a Beige Man in a pastel hoodie.  A regular on the NYC comedy circuit, Rob recently relocated his family to Connecticut, where he keeps them chained to a gas stove in the kitchen and force-feeds them milk, like veal calves.  Imagine the strong bones.  Actually, Rob is a devoted family man and a gifted comic who can deliver a heartfelt soliloquy just as well as he can rip up an audience with skillful crowd work.  He can regularly be seen in major clubs up and down the east coast.  Also in cooking stores.


On weekends she rents herself out as Anne Hathaway’s kid sister.

Laura High is a comic who hails from New York City. She has performed in many clubs, including but not limited to Caroline’s on Broadway, The Metropolitan Club, Comic Strip Live, Stand Up New York, Broadway Comedy Club, and Chicago City Limits.  She graduated Nazareth College with a BA in Theater.  She has performed with the Oxford Shakespeare Company in New York, as well as in the famed Hyde Park of London.  She likes long walks on the beach, throwing things at Snookie fans, and she makes a mean chocolate cake.  Oh and cancer sucks.





I just came here to buy socks.

Joanna Rapoza is really just a simple, nice person who’d rather sit in a back room and write all day long in her blog (which, though you’re currently reading it, has not yet gone viral so much as antibacterial).  However, Joanna now finds herself doing stand-up comedy in major clubs in CT and New York City, such as Caroline’s on Broadway, New York Comedy Club and the Hartford Funny Bone.  Never mind that she’s in a fugue state, and has a penchant for wearing skinny jeans with a Depends thong; this cougar is one funny cat.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to check out her other blog, MySpew, for her entertaining short fiction.  Also for the porn.


Devin McHenry, The National American Miss Connecticut Princess.  A comedian in her own right.



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