Sometimes A Banana Is Just A Sinful Snack

I once saw Heidi Klum quoted in a magazine interview as saying, “If I want a banana, I have a banana.”  (I read it out loud to myself three times sounding vaguely Eurotrashy.  The third time, I put the accent on the last syllable of “banana“, for something different.)

Heidi’s comment was in reference to, you guessed it, the ongoing struggle between spokes-model and banana.  Or more broadly (so to speak), carbs.  Oh, Heidi, you are a beacon of light, shining your own brand of fruity common sense out in every direction for us all to absorb.  Like a high glycemic-index food, your wisdom immediately fills me with the sweet sugar-rush that I normally can only get from bananas.

I heard that there’s something in bananas that is supposed to help you sleep.  Is that why Heidi demands a banana?  Does she have insomnia, like me?  Does she feel the weight of the world always dragging down her shoulders, despite a relatively small bust-size and sensible bras?  Perhaps.

I just went to eat a banana in order to go back to sleep, and it was a little too green.  I struggled with it in the dark kitchen, and then finally resorted to cutting it with a small knife.

No matter; fruit feels no pain, and, like Heidi Klum, I always get my banana.

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One Response to Sometimes A Banana Is Just A Sinful Snack

  1. Erika says:

    Hi Joanna–Heidi Klum is on my personal list of people who are famous but shouldn’t be. Ugh.

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